Winston Churchill and one of his hobbies to relax that few know

Winston Churchill and one of his hobbies to relax that few know
Photo by Kristina Gadeikyte / Unsplash

Winston Churchil is for me one of the characters in history that I admire the most, my first contact with all "his work" was reading the biography of Winston Churchil by Roy Jenkins. I recommend reading it.

Like every man he has positive actions for the social common, and others of dubious general benefit, but with a clear predominance of the positive. I believe he was a very bold and determined man to follow a certain path in the first half of the bellicose twentieth century, when other leaders were very hesitant at crucial moments for a more human future.

A brick wall. Texture. Patterns. Street photography.
Photo by Sara Bertoni / Unsplash

I will not tell here their successes and failures, which are detailed in multiple books and web pages. But it has always struck me that a man with his responsibilities to relax, still working with his secretary, will dedicate himself to masonry work, especially to make constructions with bricks: he put bricks and at the same time dictated to his secretary. Impressive. I can't imagine any great leader of a nation today laying bricks.

I think it indicates a lot his character: always active, even to relax, and followed his criteria not the canons ... at least in terms of how to relax.

The PM's Brick - British Movietone -

Search online for "Churchill bricks" and you will find multiple photos with the palette with cement... and smoking a cigar, laying bricks.