How to remove gum from clothes

How to remove gum from clothes
Photo by Dan Dennis / Unsplash

This trick is certified by my mother with my clothes when I was a kid, which I remember a few times.

Only required:

  • Vinegar of any kind: wine, apple, etc. Of course, white vinegar, without color so as not to leave stain on clothes.
  • A glass
  • A microwave
  • A toothbrush or similar
  • 5 minutes

Heat the vinegar a little in the microwave, without boiling.

And then pour the vinegar into the gum stain on the clothes with the toothbrush and always scratch in the same direction until it disappears from the clothes.

In order not to have to use this trick, you don't need to swallow the gum...

Funny Hilary Swank Chewing Gum Scene from the Movie "The Core" 2003

... you can leave it in its packaging in a trash can. If you have time.