The queen who begot the most kings and queens

The queen who begot the most kings and queens
Photo by Mimipic Photography / Unsplash

There is a queen, betrayed by those closest to her, and surely very badly treated by history, who is also one of the women ... and queen, who has spawned more kings and queens.

This woman was the first queen of Spain: Juana "la Loca".

Already the "nickname" that the story has assigned it tells us a little about how the story treats it. Possibly she was not as crazy as has been said, and it greatly influenced that her husband and King Philip the Fair was very given to multiple extramarital love affairs in a repetitive way. She really was a woman, betrayed by almost everyone around her, without saving her father, husband and even her children.

Juana "la Loca" was queen heir of Castilla, Aragon, Navarra, Valencia, Mallorca, Naples, Sicily, Sardinia and, Countess of Barcelona and titular Duchess consort of Burgundy, uniting the crowns that made up Spain, as of January 25, 1516, thus becoming the first queen of Spain together with her son Carlos I.

His offspring were:

  • Leonor: queen consort of Portugal being the wife of Manuel I of Portugal, and on his death she was queen consort of France when she married Francisco I of France
  • Carlos: King of Spain with the name Carlos I and Holy Roman Emperor with the name Carlos V
  • Isabel: queen consort of Denmark being wife of Christian II
  • Fernando: Holy Roman Emperor with the name of Fernando I as successor to Carlos V once it is decided to divide the empire
  • María: Queen of Hungary as wife of Luis II
  • Catalina: Queen of Portugal as wife of Juan III

Obviously, he had many heirs on thrones, as it was one of the times when more tradition of political marriages existed. Coupled with the fact of being one of the main protagonists of one of the most powerful courts at that time, which facilitated all this marriage "management". But I don't think he could have been more successful when it comes to the power marriages of his offspring.