Christmas or not: Venezuelan hallacas

Christmas or not: Venezuelan hallacas
Venezuelan hallacas

Hallacas is a typical Venezuelan recipe that is usually taken at Christmas... but that can be taken at any time of the year.

It is spectacular, has very little fat, very nutritious because it has a high number of foods, it is easy to preserve when it can be frozen, and it is easy to take by only requiring boiling the hallacas before eating them warm.

Being a stew with many foods it is really laborious to make, and in certain areas there may be problems to find some of its components such as banana leaves, achiote seeds or sweet chili; but all these foods can be purchased through the internet or replaced by similar foods from the area. Like any recipe in each area or area is made with different variations in the foods that compose it and the elaboration: I think you have to dare to try different changes. In the end, each family usually has its own recipe. This is the recipe of grandma Ignacia, from Valencia, in Venezuela.

It is a stew to make with family or friends, for example on a weekend since it takes a couple of days without many to do. With many collaborating it becomes faster and more fun... the same when eating it all together, as at Christmas.

Once done there are two options: eat or freeze.

The frozen ones are healthy "fast food" that with 10 minutes of cooking in water are prepared: in less time than in what they bring you some pizas or hamburgers ... I'm sure you like them.